In this Grateful4Her tribute message Nora Brathol, celebrates her peers, friends and fellow members of the women’s technology group, MsTech. She specifically pays tribute to the founder of MsTech, Nicole Yeary, and her business bestie Nicole Vasquez. Ms. Tech is a community of entrepreneurs and professional women in technology that was started out of the desire to help women get the resources they need in their early stages of starting their tech companies.

Tribute Message

“I am grateful for the women of MsTech especially Nicole Yeary. The founder of MsTech. She has been supportive of my business. I am also grateful for Nicole Vasquez. She is another member of MsTech. She owns the space I work out of and as she likes to say, she is my business bestie. She is always there when I have questions and need someone to talk to.

I am very grateful for the MsTech group. They are incredibly supportive. We are leaning in together. It is not something we are all doing alone. It has been a better resource for me. And it is a group where women are being supportive and not cut each other down. Women are trying to lift each other up.”

~ Nora Brathol